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Animal rights defenders protest new regulations

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, April 8
Tbilisi City Hall has adopted a new law concerning pet care, and the management of the issues related to domestic animals.

The MPs discussed the issue on the background of the noise and rally of animal rights defenders and their owners outside the City Council.

After the enactment of the law, the registration of dogs and cats becomes obligatory.

According to new regulations, walking of dogs in the streets during daytime is allowed only with short leads or special dog muzzles.

The new law also aims to reduce the birth rate and number of homeless animals by sterilization or castration, and by other procedures approved in the world and recognized by international practice.

If certain dogs are dangerous or have serious diseases, they will be euthanized using humane methods without pain.

Animal rights defenders and their owners expressed their protest by holding a rally outside city hall demanding the abolition of the new law.

The participants of the rally stated that by adopting the new regulations, the government reduces their motivation to keep pets.

According to animal rights defending organizations, in order to make the coexistence of people with urban animals more harmonious, it is necessary not to tighten the regulations but to mitigate them.

They also reject the law on euthanasia of diseased animals. They said that most diseases are curable, and that euthanasia must be used only in hopeless situations.

Pet owners also reject the use of animal muzzles in the streets and say it violates animal rights and harms them.

Animal rights defender Nana Muradashvili does not support the new regulations.

According to her, the new rule does not provide the appropriate rights for animal patrons.

Sakrebulo Environment Committee Chairman Mzia Bukhrashvili stressed that the document is under construction and they would take into account the notes of the organizations on the next session of the Committee.

The organizers of the rally say that they will hold continuous rallies until the necessary changes are made in the regulations.