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43rd Battalion begins fulfilling Resolute Support Mission

Thursday, April 9
The 43rd Battalion of IV Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces has already deployed to Afghanistan. Prior to transferring authority, the Battalion military are going through a final part of the training at the Bagram Airfield in the following areas: demining Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), employing navigation suppressing systems, providing security and the rules of engagement. The soldiers also got familiar with religious peculiarities.

The Georgian troops will be serving in the Parwan Province under the command of the US military contingent in the frames of the “Resolute Support” Mission throughout the next 6 months. Their main task will be providing security of the Bagram Airfield.

For the engagement in the NATO-led ‘”Resolute Support” Mission, the Georgian military unit underwent intensive pre-deployment preparation in the National Training Centre “Krtsanisi”. The military were trained for the conduct of full spectrum operations like protection, search, cordon and convoy operations, evacuation as well as adopted the skills of communication with locals and their leaders. The 43rd Battalion servicemen also underwent pre deployment training in the US Joint Multinational Readiness Centre (JMRC) in the German city of Hohenfels. The preparedness level of the military was positively evaluated by both the Centre` experts and the US Marine Corps` Group of Trainers and Advisors.