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TBC bank denies links with suspect

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, April 9
TBC bank released a statement on April 8 dismissing the speculation by Asaval Dasavali newspaper concerning links and conflicts among the TBC bank Supervisory Board and the suspect in the murder case of two policemen.

Newspaper reporter Dito Chubinidze writes that Shalva Abuladze was a “very good guy” and expressed his protest against The TBC activities and business interests in Borjomi.

The journalist states that Abuladze held a demonstration against TBC in Borjomi after he was suppressed. The journalist also claims that after the incident in Borjomi, when a policeman was killed and another wounded, Abuladze left Georgia.

The bank stresses that neither the bank nor the representatives of the company Borjomi had any contact with Abuladze, who is also wanted for the recent murder of a policeman in Tbilisi.

The Deputy Director of TBC Bank Paata Gadzadze held a special press conference, and stressed the information aired by the journalist was false and aimed at discrediting the bank and its representatives.

“Earlier we sued the newspaper and won, but they are still continuing their slander,” Gadzadze said.

He expressed his doubts that journalist Chubinidze had connections with the suspect, and called on the authorities to investigate the issue properly.

He also made a statement in response to journalist of Rustavi 2 Eliso Kiladze, who spoke about the possible threats from Shalva Abuladze towards The TBC chaiman Mamuka Khazaradze.

“I am not going to strengthen security measures, but I feel sorry that people in the country do not feel safe,” the businessman said.