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Joining a terrorist group will result in strict punishment

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, April 17
Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri states that a border guard who showed indifference while checking two teenagers from the Muslim-populated Pankisi Gorge, will be punished.

“The General Inspectorate has studied the case and pledged punishment for the guard. They will make a decision whether he will be fired or reprimanded. However, I believe he will receive an administrative penalty as per the Interior Ministry’s inner regulations,” Gomelauri stated.

He explained that an investigation was also launched to find out who is behind the recruitment to Syria of young men from Pankisi Gorge, where they are fighting for the barbaric Islamic State (IS).

“It is difficult to forbid adults to go to Turkey, where from they can leave for Syria. Currently, we do not have a right to do so. It is a global problem that cannot be solved in a year or two. Of course, we condemn what happened, but I want to stress that we were able to prevent similar cases several times. Unfortunately, no one ever mentions it,” said Gomelauri.

Meanwhile, parliament is discussing the draft initiated by the Justice and internal ministries, according to which, individuals who leave the country with the purpose of carrying out terrorist activities will be strictly punished through the criminal code of Georgia.

Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani said that law enforcement institutions should restrain citizens so they do not leave the country for this purpose.

“This is a huge step for law- enforcement agencies to prevent these people from leaving the country for this purpose. When it comes to the improvement of the socioeconomic situation in Pankisi gorge, the issue is being discussed,” she said.

According to locals, up to 100 men from Pankisi Gorge have already left for Syria, while 11 of them have already been killed. A couple of days ago, two teenagers managed to cross the Georgia-Turkey border and have already uploaded their photos taken in Syria, among the rows of IS savages.