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UNMs sets up anti-corruption committees

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, April 20
The United National Movement opposition party (UNM) is planning to create anti-corruption committees throughout the country, which will control the activities of Sakrebulo and local authorities in regions.

The information was released by UNM member Zurab Ghviniashvili at a press conference on April 18.

According to Ghviniashvili, the first committee will be created in Gurjaani, Kakheti.

The MP stated that after the Georgian Dream party came to power, it has forgotten its promises and instead of development there is a serious slowdown in economic growth.

The opposition MP has stressed that Georgia still faces severe unemployment and corruption cases have increased.

Ghviniashvili said that the government has neither the desire nor the ability to solve the problems in the country.

He pointed out that such schemes worked almost in all regions of the country and usually the cornerstones were the governors or majoritarian MPs of the municipalities.

Ghviniashvili said that similar problems also exist in Gurjaani. The most notable are appointments of relatives to different positions, corruptive deals and the embezzlement of budgets.

According to him on April 20, the UNM MPs will go to the Municipality of Gurjaani and with local activists they will control the activities of the Municipality and Sakrebulo.

“We will use all measures allowed by the law to stop the facts of corruption and nepotism and to return the country to the path of development,” Ghviniashvili underscored.

The majority dismisses the statements, saying that the UNM is yesterday’s party that tries to somehow preserve its position in politics.