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Georgian Karate Instructor wanted in the USA

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, April 21
The U.S. police are looking for a Georgian karate instructor in the USA, Aleksandre Sumbadze, for the spread of child pornography.

According to the article published in Washington Post, Aleksandre Sumbadze, 26, who lived in Montgomery, Alabama, was having sexual relations with the youth in the karate studio where he worked.

He was recording the encounters and then selling the videos online.

According to Montgomery Police Department, Sumbadze was summoned and interrogated on April 1, and he admitted trading children pornography online, but two days after questioning he left the US and allegedly departed for Georgia.

The police also said that the young boys recorded by Sumbadze were aware of being filmed in the pornography.

According to Washington post, Montgomery police are also looking for another man, who appears in the videos together with Sumbadze.

The warrant of the arrest of Aleksandre Sumbadze has already been issued in the USA.

The president of Karate Federation of Georgia, Kakha Basilia, stated that the suspect has no connection with Georgian Karate Federation.

“We have never heard about this person, moreover he is not registered in any international sports organization,” Basilia said.

Official representatives of Georgia in the USA are deeply concerned about the incident and deny any connection with the individual.

They said that this incident could affect their business activities and the reputation of the Georgians in the United States.

The Interior Ministry of Georgia stated that the U.S. side has not yet asked for assistance in bringing Sumbadze to justice. However, according to the American media, an extradition agreement among the parties exists.