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Socially vulnerable people hold rally in Batumi

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, May 4
The socially vulnerable, those affected by high interest rates on mortgage and also eco-migrants have held a joint rally and have blocked streets in Batumi.

The demonstration first started in front of Drama Theatre and began a protest march towards the government house. Later protesters blocked the central streets after no government representative came out to meet them.

According to the protesters, permanent protests will continue if the government does not meet with them and fulfill their demands.

Protesters demand financial aid from the government and also a guaranteed abode. They also want the government to support all categories of socially vulnerable people.

“The government helps only two categories - eco-migrants and the families who lost bread winners. What about other unfortunates? We also need help. Our kids live in extreme poverty and we have no other way to improve our lives,” stated protester Marina Beridze.

Deputy Minister of Health of Adjara, Ramaz Jincharadze, said that the government is actively working on the issue.

“We are already constructing houses in different regions, such as Khulo, Keda and Khelvachauri. As soon as the process is competed, all the people who need houses and are under governmental programs will receive flats. However, not all the categories are covered by governmental programs at the moment,” stated Jincharadze.

Meanwhile, the victims of mortgage debt demand the process of eviction to be suspended and to be granted long-term loans. They said that the government’s negligence may lead to a “social explosion in the region”.