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Minister of Defence congratulated the Georgian army on St George’s Day

Thursday, May 7
The Minister of Defence of Georgia, Tinatin Khidasheli, congratulated the military personnel of the Georgian Armed Forces on St. George’s Day from the Command Centre. The Minister addressed the Georgian soldiers serving in Afghanistan and the military units stationed in Georgia via VTC.

Defence Minister expressed gratitude to the military for their devoted service to the motherland and emphasized that they can rely on her as on their friend and protector of their rights and interests.

“I would like to offer my thanks to you for your contribution to national and international security. Participation in international operations is extremely important for Georgia and the Armed Forces. Our partners and allies should believe that we are committed to continue to fight for global peace and security side by side with them. We must confide in each other. Your daily work and routine is very difficult though filled with pride. You must know that I will be your friend, ready to struggle for your rights and interests. Each Georgian soldier, wherever he or she is in Georgia or in a foreign country protecting the state interests is important for me. To create favourable conditions for the army is my top priority”, said Defence Minister.

First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the GAF Brigadier-General Vladiemr Chachibaia and Sergeant Major Besik Khatiashvili accompanied the Minister in the Command Centre.

The military servicemen in the Command Centre congratulated the Armed Forces and the population on the St. George’s Day. They also congratulated the Minister on her new appointment and wished her success.

In her address, the Minister drew attention to the relationship between the army and media: “You must play an important role when it comes to the dignity, prestige and strength of the Georgian state and the army, who are contributing to global security outside the country. I would like to appeal to the Georgian media to refrain from making any kind of statements or releasing the information discrediting the armed forces, especially when there is no ground for such criticism. The Ministry of Defence will be reactive in such cases and will do everything to prevent anyone to make the statements humiliating the Georgian army.”