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Opposition dislikes new governor of Guria

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, May 12
Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili has met with the newly appointed Governor of Guria region, Gia Salukvadze, who has earlier attracted the public and media attention through his film on the previous government.

According to the PM’s Office, Salukvadze is a specialist of law, Doctor of Sciences.

He is a former political prisoner and has been served as the advisor to the Director General of the joint-stock company (JSC) SaqRusEnergo.

Since released under the new government of Georgia, Salukvadze filmed a documentary over a “nine-year tyranny” of the previous government.

The opposition United National Movement (UNM) blames Salukvadze in bringing the schoolchildren to the screening of the so-called prison footage that reflected close-up pictures of torture and inhuman treatment in prisons under the UNM government.

Member of the former ruling UNM party Sergo Ratiani described Salukvadze’s appointment to this high post as unacceptable.

“It is pity that such a person is appointed to such a responsible post. He was campaigning against the UNM and used under-age children for his own aims,” stated Ratiani.

Member of the Georgian Dream (GD) Ani Mirotadze said that the PM knows what kind of person he needs in the region and the pick was selected in compliance with requirements.

“If such a film was indeed shown to under-age people, then this is, of course, a shame. However, blaming Salukvadze in bringing the youth to the premiere without any proof is even worse,” stated Mirotadze.

The movie was shown to school children in Guria region about a month ago.

Salukvadze himself denies the fact of forcing the youngsters to the show.

“I am father of four children; three out of them are under-age. The UNM accusations are groundless. I believe that bringing the children to the film show was a provocation staged by the UNM,” stated Salukvadze.