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Foreign media skeptical over Georgia’s Riga prospects

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 14
The EU Riga Summit is scheduled for May 21-22. Georgia has high expectations that the organization might open its doors to Georgia and grant a visa-free regime within European states.

The current Georgian government claims that our country should expect something tangible from the event.

However, the foreign media is less optimistic over Georgia’s, Ukraine’s and Moldova’s prospects in this regard. Moreover, they claim that the triumvirate will have to return to their countries with empty hands.

It should be stressed that such a negative development is likely to trigger further frustration towards the EU and encourage pro-Russian sentiments in the country.

Prior to the summit, Georgia’s Prime Minister, President and Parliament Chair wrote a joint letter to the EU leadership, addressing them to appropriately appreciate Georgia’s progress towards membership in the organization.

The President’ advisor in foreign affairs Tengiz Pkhaladze said that the letter revealed the Georgian leadership's common goals and aspirations towards the EU.

“The final document prepared by the organization should reflect all the progress our country has managed to achieve,” Pkhaladze said.

Analyst Kakha Gogolashvili believes that the document that has already been put forth by the 28 member states of the EU is less likely to be amended through the appeal of Georgia’s authorities.

He thinks that the Riga Summit will simply focus on the ongoing activities of the Eastern Partnership states, as well as conflicts in the region without any new prospects.

“Currently the EU is quite skeptical concerning the expansion and the migration policy simplification.

“If in the future Georgia meets all the visa liberation demands, the EU will make a positive decision in a less difficult situation,” Gogolashvili says.

The ambassador of the EU to Georgia stresses that Georgia has accomplished greater part of requirements successfully. However, there are still topics like the combat against trafficking and drug crimes, asylum seekers and several others that must be fulfilled.

The ambassador claims that if Georgia meets the requirements shortly, the EU will change the date for the following report and it will be scheduled earlier.

It is a fact that after coming complying with the EU requirements, Georgia is becoming a better state. However, on the other hand, the public needs visible outcomes for not to feel disappointed.