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MP Kordzaia quits Georgian Dream party

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, May 14
MP Tamar Kordzaia has quit the ruling party Georgian Dream –Democratic Georgia in favour of the Republican Party, also a member of the coalition government.

According to the statement released by Kordzaia, she is no longer a member of the GD faction due to personal reasons.

“At this stage, it will be better for me not to be a member of the Georgian Dream faction. This is my personal decision and there is no political motivation behind it. It will be better for my future. However, I think that all the work what we have done together is worthy,” stated Kordzaia.

Kordzaia first stated that she would continue working as an independent MP; however, she later changed her mind.

Leader of the Republican Party Davit Berdzenishvili stated that the Republicans have already considered the issue.

“We voted for accepting Kordzaia in our party, and an absolute majority voted in favour of her inclusion. From now on the Republican party will have nine representatives in Parliament,” stated Berdzenishvili.

Member of the GD party, Gia Volski, also responded to the issue. According to him, initially Kordzaia was accepted into GD based on her personal beliefs.

“Kordzaia was always more of a Republican than GD. Kordzaia stated that she and GD have different values, but in my opinion this statement is being discussed rather too much,” said Volski.

Kordzaia, who became an MP through the 2012 parliamentary elections, was famous for her different views on various issues from other members of the Georgian Dream party.

Despite this, member of the Georgian Dream faction Manana Kobakhidze says that no one in the party had ever thought about sacking from the party, yet Kobakhidze says Kordzaia’s decision was unacceptable for her.

However, her choice to leave for the Republicans was not a surprise for the opposition parties of the United National Movement and the Free Democrats. They underscored that Kordzaia’s attitudes and freedom of expression were never in line with the Georgian Dream party's approaches.