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Monday, May 18
Georgian Association of America holds reception in U.S. Senate

An annual reception organized by the Georgian Association of America, dedicated to Georgia’s national independence and sovereignty, was held in the United States Senate.

According to the Foreign Ministry, representatives of the Georgian Embassy to the U.S., Georgian Diaspora and Georgia’s American friends attended the event. A commemorative award was given to Sen. Christopher Murphy for cordially supporting Georgia. The Senator delivered a speech and emphasized the special need for Georgia-U.S. free trade.

The event was held with financial support from the Levan Mikeladze Caucasian Research Fund.

Another Georgian Citizen Killed in Syria

Another Georgian citizen has been killed in Syria.

Reportedly, a 32 year old resident of Pankisi Gorge, Guram Tsatiashvili, was killed yesterday.

The Deputy Governor of the Akhmeta municipality confirms the report.

United Arab Emirates Delegation to Visit Tbilisi

The delegation of United Arab Emirates, led by Economy Minister Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, will visit Georgia on May 18-20.

As the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development informs, the delegation will also include high-ranking officials from the public and private sectors, as well as companies, working in tourism, real estate, agriculture, retail trade, manufacturing, transport and logistics sectors.

Within the frameworks of the visit, a business forum is scheduled to be held at Radisson on May 19. The forum will be organized by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and it will be held with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the Entrepreneurial Development Agency.

Business-Forum participants will get acquainted with Georgia's investment environment and ongoing large investment projects in the country.

During the visit bilateral meetings will be held between the Georgian and Arabian companies.

Parliament to Approve State Security Service Head

The government of Georgia has today supported the draft of legislative amendments, which envisage division of Internal Affairs Ministry.

Internal Affairs Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri said after the cabinet meeting on Friday that separation of the Internal Affairs Ministry into parts was the part of the ruing team’s pre-election promise.

According to the Minister, the amendments foresee setting up the State Security Service. He said that under the planned amendments a candidate for head of the State Security Service will be nominated by the Prime Minister; a candidate will require support of more than half of lawmakers to be appointed as head of the State Security Service for a six-year term.

Lack of Quorum Thwarts Parliament Session Again

Parliament failed for a second time this week to hold a session on May 15 due to lack of quorum of at least 76 MPs required for a session to be opened.

Parliament also failed to hold a session for the same reason on May 13.

67 MPs, nine short of the required quorum, underwent registration early on Friday afternoon.

Although some lawmakers from opposition UNM party were present in the Parliament builsing in Kutaisi, they refused to undergo registration; they said they boycotted in an attempt to show that the parliamentary majority is “incapable” to work.

Parliament speaker Davit Usupashvili said that many of those lawmakers from the Georgian Dream parliamentary majority group, who were absent, were either in foreign visits or in Tbilisi participating in events related to EBRD annual meeting and business forum.

Lawmakers from the opposition party, Free Democrats, were also absent as they were attending a trial of former MoD officials in Tbilisi court.

Probationer Kills Woman, Injures her Son

The officers of Shida Kartli Regional Main Division, along with Khashuri police as a result of jointly held operative-searching activities detained Reziko G. (DoB 1995) who is under probationary sentence at the moment. The mentioned person was detained for the premeditated murder.

Investigation established that detainee on the basis of conflict wounded Gocha G. in belly area with a cold steel in Tskhtamukha village and also inflicted multiple injuries to Gocha G’s mother-Darejan G. who died at the place of crime. Gocha G. was hospitalized by the ambulance; his life in no longer in danger.

As a result of the investigative activities Reziko G. was detained an hour later by the law enforcers. The weapon of murder was seized as evidence. Detainee has already pleaded guilty.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of premeditated murder, article 108 of the Criminal Code.

Government Approves Package of Legislative Amendments

The government of Georgia has approved the package of legislative amendments, which envisages reform of Prosecutor’s Office.

The package of amendments was submitted by Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani at Friday’s cabinet meeting.

As per the amendments, Prosecutor’s Office will be supervised by the Minister of Justice through the Prosecutorial Council. The authority of appointment of Chief Prosecutor will be distributed among the Prosecutorial Council, government and parliament.

The Prosecutorial Council shall be composed of: Minister of Justice – Chair of the Prosecutorial Council; two members of Parliament, who will be elected by a majority of the votes in parliament; two members, elected by parliament among the candidates, submitted by higher education institutions and civil society organizations; and four members, elected by the Conference of Prosecutors.

The Prosecutorial Council will be authorized to approve the candidature for Chief Prosecutor, to submit the proposal on Chief Prosecutor’s dismissal to government, to carry out disciplinary proceedings against the Chief Prosecutor and her/his deputies. Prosecutorial Council will not be authorized to interfere in the process of performing prosecutorial authority.

As per the amendments, the candidature for the post of Chief Prosecutor is named by Justice Minister, who sends it to the Council for approval. The Council approves the candidature with 2/3 of votes, and submits it to the government, which on its turn, sends the candidature to the Parliament.

The Chief Prosecutor will be elected for a six-year term.

Capital’s ongoing and planned projects discussed at Georgian Dream meeting

The Georgian Dream’s political board members have been briefed about ongoing and planned projects by Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania and City Council Chairman Giorgi Alibegashvili.

Narmania and Alibegashvili attended the coalition's political board meeting in the Georgian Dream central office.

After leaving the session, Narmania told journalists that among other issues he talked about preparations for the youth festival.

"We talked about the ongoing projects and programs, as well as preparations for the Youth Olympic Games," the Mayor told reporters.

Narmania and Alibegashvili have already left the Georgian Dream office, though the political board meeting is still in progress.

The Riga summit is aimed at supporting Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova - Edgar Rinkevics

The Eastern Partnership summit, which will be held on May 21-22 in Riga, is aimed at supporting Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, - said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevics after a meeting between foreign ministers of the Visegrad countries and the European Union.

"I think that now, as we approach the Riga summit, we must all agree that the summit should affirm its goal – building a prosperous, secure and stable eastern partnership as well as supporting reforms and the countries that have signed the Association Agreement: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia,”- said Rinkevics.

Russia gains more from working with Europe than from attacking its neighbours - Giorgi Margvelashvili

“Georgian President: Russia gains more from working with Europe than from attacking its neighbours,” the official webpage of the European Parliament has published an article with this title.

“The policy of engaging with Russia and making it a more European country and giving it an opportunity for economic, cultural, social and political partnerships is the right thing to do. Russia has great potential, a great culture and a significant economy.

What the Russian Federation needs is a better democracy, a reformed economy and it needs to move towards modernising society. These issues are not solved by attacking your neighbours, but by working together with Europeans,” Giorgi Margvelashvili has declared.

The President of Georgia has also referred to the Eastern Partnership, remarking it has a positive impact on Georgia.

“It has had a positive impact on Georgia, not only because we reached the association agreement, but also because it gave us opportunities and mechanisms for reforming our economy, society and our political system and for engaging more actively with our European partners.

The partnership was based on proper principles, giving more for more. If you wanted to do more, you are getting more.

We have to maintain the agenda and the spirit of the Eastern Partnership, which is going to bring prosperity, stability and a better future, not only to the countries of the Eastern Partnership, but also to their neighbours, including Russia, if they get involved,” Giorgi Margvelashvili has remarked.