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Georgia is moving to Digital broadcasting system from June

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, June 2
Georgia is moving from analog broadcasting system to a digital one from June 17, 2015.

The transition to a digital broadcasting system is an international obligation.

According to the agreement made with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Georgia and all its neighborhood countries agreed to move from analog to Digital broadcasting system from June 17, 2015.

Moving to digital broadcasting system enables countries to make more efficient use of frequencies and provides users with better sounds and images, which means that all channels will be of HD quality.

In order to show the image on your TV set in 2015, you may need to buy a special device called a set top box, which will tune to the signal or you may need to change your TV-set.

However, it is possible to get a digital signal only by changing the settings in your TV, if it satisfies the necessary standards.

In some countries the users were given special set top boxes without any payment, but in Georgia they will be free only for socially vulnerable people, because the project was not developed by Georgia.

The transition to digital broadcasting system is a very complicated and a long-term process.

According to the Head of Digital Broadcasting Agency, Nino Chubinidze, the process is large-scale and of state-importance reform.

“The awareness of every citizen is very important to us, so we have prepared Georgian, Russian, Armenian, Azeri and English-language flyers,” she said.

The representatives of the media were invited to attend the working process on May 30, where they were explained the complicated technological process of moving to digital broadcasting system.

The workshop was held by the chief editor of Geo Digital TV Ivan Poltavetski, along with the media expert Davit Mikautadze.

“Our aim is that the journalists be highly informed about the process, who on their own will inform the people in detail,” explained the chief editor.