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Bad weather causes problems in Georgia

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, June 5
Bad weather has caused problems in Tbilisi. The streets of the capital city were flooded and the trees and lamppost were broken and brought down, and segments of the electricity network sustained damage. Heavy traffic jams were hardly moving through the flooded streets.

According to Emergency Situations Service, the hardest situation was found to be in Aghmashenebeli Avenue and the Didi Dighomi district, as well as in Vake-Saburtalo and Nadzaladevi.

Rain especially badly damaged Varazikhevi rise, the road to Mamadaviti church, Mziuri Park and some other minor streets.

Two houses on Tskhnetiskhevi Street are flooded as well. According to the residents, they were only able to evacuate children from houses.

“All our possessions are left underwater and mud at the moment,” said one of the affected persons.

Tbilisi’s Vere River has overflown and flooded Sanadze Street, along with the Tamaz Elizbarashvili Dog Shelter, which hosts approximately 450 dogs and 10 bears. About 12 dogs were killed during the overflow.

Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania stated that he already gave orders to start the reconstruction process.

“We must solve the problems as soon as possible. Beside the cleaning and repairing process, material damage must be counted,” stated Narmania.

Heavy rain and wind caused serious problems in some other parts of the Eastern part of Georgia as well.

According to the Dusheti district governor Vazha Chokheli, more than 10 villages were damaged during the rain.

“Roads to the Bazaleti community and Ukana Pshavi village were blocked by the water. Especially badly were damaged villages Baga and Mlashe. Most part of the villages are without electricity. Most part of the harvest is also destroyed. Rescue brigades are at the scene and repairs are underway,” stated Chokheli.

Rainy weather is expected to last for a few more days throughout the entire country. According to the National Environment Agency’s Forecast Center, there will be intermittent rainy and sunny weather during the next few days.

Rain with thunderstorms is expected in the western part of Georgia too. According to meteorologists, weather will worsen until the end of June 6.