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Monday, June 8
Russia must pay for its actions in Georgia and Ukraine - Tamar Beruchashvili

Georgia’s Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili took part in the annual forum “TO BE SECURE” within the framework of her visit to Montenegro.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Tamar Beruchashvili emphasized the significance of the West’s strong position in terms of solving problems in Ukraine and the region in general. “Russia must pay for its actions in Georgia and Ukraine. The west should have a strong, permanent position to support the countries, which have already made their choice and are undergoing pressure because of it”- Beruchashvili said.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the forum participants recalled the 2008 war and remarked that Ukraine’s crisis can be seen as a continuation of those events, as the international community did not react properly to Moscow’s aggression at that time.

The Georgian FM said the so-called agreements signed between Georgia’s occupied regions and Russia are examples of Russia’s ongoing annexation policy.

“The Ukrainian developments represent a hybrid war; international justice is facing a great challenge. This is a challenge towards European security that is significant for the countries having European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations,”- Tamar Beruchashvili said.

According to her, Ukraine is not the only one.

Russia did everything to launch conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the 1990s. There was a large-scale military confrontation between Georgia and Russia in 2008 that resulted in occupation of 20% of our territory. The International community did not assess the threat as it needed to, that’s why we have the so-called agreements signed by Russia with Georgia’s occupied regions. It represents an annexation of Georgia’s sovereign territories that began after annexing Crimea… Russia punishes the countries, which are focused on free choice in terms of external policy.

Georgian and Ukrainian people have made their choice, based on international law and values. These choices are not against anyone and nobody has a right to veto them. This is the only possibility for expansion of a democratic, peaceful space in the region. For this reason, the open-door policy is very significant and every country trying to achieve this goal should be allowed to do so.”- Tamar Beruchashvili declared.

Georgian Citizen Found Dead in Turkey

A citizen of Georgia has been found dead in the town of Rize, Turkey. Family members of the deceased have confirmed this information.

According to them, the body of 30-year-old Irakli Slanov was found hanging on a tree near the factory where he worked. The possibility of suicide has been ruled out by the family members. They claim that Irakli was murdered and then hung on the tree.

Irakli Slanov was from the village of Agara, Kareli district, eastern Georgia.

The family has asked the Foreign Ministry to help them transfer the body to Georgia.

Majority Leader: Deputy Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region had to Apologize

Koba Arabuli, first deputy governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, has had to apologize for his remarks, Gia Volski, one of the leaders of the parliamentary majority, told reporters on Saturday.

According to him, one of the key topics of the meeting, held by the members of the parliamentary majority, was the interview given by Koba Arabuli to the “Kviris Palitra” newspaper.

“We have discussed the issue in detail. There are a lot of issues, Arabuli exceeded the recent situation, however, as he explained, many of his remarks had been interpreted. He made healthy assessments. We praise the fact that he had to apologize over these issues, " Gia Volski said.

In his interview with the “Kviris Palitra” newspaper, Koba Arabuli, first deputy governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, talked about the facts of holding tenders with violations.

Two Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike in Rustavi Prison

Two prisoners – Nugzar Usoyan and Gocha Melikishvili have gone on hunger strike in Rustavi prison # 17, Nana Kakabadze, the Chairperson of the Non-Governmental Organization “Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights”, told Front News agency on Saturday.

According to her, Nugzar Usoyan went on hunger strike on June 4. He is demanding restoration of the deadline to file a notice of appeal in city court. Kakabadze said that the prison administration did not send a relevant letter to the court and the deadline has expired.

As for another hunger striker, his request is revision of the criminal case against him.

Kakabadze says that the penitentiary department has to pay attention to the prison administration and NGOs should be allowed to enter and monitor the situation there.

Defence Minister: Ex-gov’t spent millions on device to survey Ivanishvili

Georgia’s previous government spent millions from the state budget to purchase a device to allegedly spy on the residence of the founder of Georgian Dream coalition, ex-Prime Minister, multi-billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, says the country's Defence Minister.

In a television interview Minister Tinatin Khidasheli said the money had been allocated from the Defence Ministry's budget. She added now the Ministry wanted to sell the device but it was difficult to find a buyer, as only a "country with paranoiac desires” would want it.

Khidasheli said once installed, the "very large" device, which resembled a TV studio, consisted of many components and was capable of listening, watching and recording.

She noted a lot of these kind of devices had been purchased with Defence Ministry money by the previous government but these tools were no longer needed.

Landslide Warning Prompts Traffic Restrictions in Dariali

Traffic in Dariali gorge, close to the Kazbegi-Zemo Larsi border-crossing point with Russia in the northern mountainous part of Georgia, will be restricted from June 6 because of a natural hazard warning, the Georgian Department of Roads said on Friday.

It said that movement of all types of vehicles will be prohibited from 7pm to 7am starting from June 6.

Traffic will be not be restricted during the daytime, although vehicles won’t be allowed to park or temporarily stop anywhere in that section of the road.

The section of the road was hit with major landslides twice last year in May and August, killing several people, damaging road, border-crossing infrastructure, and the pipeline carrying Russian gas to Armenia via Georgia.

The road is also important for Armenia as it is currently the only available link with Russia for the country via land.

Police Detain One for Drug Crime

The officers of Kvemo Kartli regional division of Central Criminal Police Department as a result of investigative activities held on the basis of operative information detained previously convicted Avtandil Sh. (DoB 1980) in Marneuli for illegal purchase and keeping of drugs in especially large quantities.

During the personal search of the detainee law enforcers seized 15 packages of narcotics. Chemical expertise results showed that narcotic weighs 12,3173 gr and contains 2, 09215 gr of heroin. Detainee has already pleaded guilty.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal purchase and keeping of drugs in especially large quantities, article 260, III part, sub-paragraph A of the Criminal Code.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor – Reasons behind Suicide will be Known after Investigation

The reasons behind the suicide, committed by Head of the Probation Service Besik Tskhadadze, will become known after investigative measures are carried out, deputy chief prosecutor Irakli Shotadze said in the talk show “Reaction.”

“I want to express my condolences to the family over this tragic incident. It is too early to say exactly what it was and what we are dealing with, but according to the notification, received by police, the investigation has been launched on the fact of bringing a victim to a suicide,” – Shotadze said.

Besik Tskhadadze, the Head of the Probation Service, who tried to commit suicide yesterday, died in hospital.

Besik Tskhadadze had a gunshot wound in the head. He was operated on, but doctors failed to save his life.

As the Internal Affairs Ministry official statement reads, the investigation has been launched under article 115 of the criminal code which deals with alleged cases of bringing a victim to a suicide.