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Ministry for Mountainous Regions is to be created in 2016

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, June 16
The majority MP Giorgi Volski states that a ministry focused on mountainous regions’ issues will be created 2016.

“This post will be formed at the expense of administrative resources and it will coordinate the government’s efforts in terms of the mountainous region’s demographic, economic, infrastructural development,” he stated.

The initiative has already stirred amusement within the opposition. The United National Movement has advised the authorities to create a new Ministry of Swamps.

The authors of the draft law are the members of the majority Gia Zhorzholiani, Mirian Tsiklauri, Irakli Tripolsky and Viktor Japaridze.

At the same time, a new draft law regarding the development of mountainous regions of Georgia is being considered in Parliament, which implies the establishment of further benefits for the population living in such regions.

According to Zhorzholiani, the draft law was already discussed at the session of the majority, which was attended by the Prime Minister too. He said that the initiative was approved and accepted at the session and after a week committee hearings on this issue will begin in Parliament.

“We will raise the issue in Parliament that a new law about the Development of Mountainous Regions be adopted. This law will simulate various economic activities in these regions and will promote development of education, infrastructure and healthcare. We hope that the government will support us,” said Zhorzholiani.

He also stated that it is unknown yet how much the creation of a new Office will cost the state budget, but noted that this will be an Office with a small staff, which will be aimed at promoting and coordinating programs between the mountainous regions and lowlands.

“Of course these steps will cost much money, but it will not happen because some people want new posts. Its goal is to carry out projects to develop the economy in the mountains and the government has to allocate costs for this,” he added.