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Wednesday, June 17
Traffic routes to be changed in Tbilisi due to the flood

Due to the natural disaster that took place on June 13, the capital’s traffic routes have been temporarily changed.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the following restrictions are in effect:

“The tunnel near Bakhtrioni Street is now closed to all traffic, as well as in the direction of Amirejibi Highway (Vera New Road) and on the right embankment of Mtkvari River. However, Bakhtrioni, Pekini and Tsintsadze streets are still open to traffic.

Traffic movement in the direction of Laguna Vere from the right side of Tamar Mepe overpass is banned. Traffic movement via Tamar Mepe is allowed only towards "Tbilisi Central” and Aleksidze Street.

Traffic movement from Tbilisi Concert Hall in the direction of Heroes Square is also restricted, allowed only in the direction of Elbakidze Street and Liberty Square. Movement from Elbakidze Street is allowed only in the direction of Marjanishvili Street via Galaktioni Bridge.

Traffic through the right embankment of Mtkvari River is only permitted till the "Dzveli Sakhli" restaurant. Traffic flow from Virsaladze Street is allowed to move in the direction of House of Justice.

Drivers moving from Avlabari Square are permitted to enter the left embankment of Mtkvari River. Traffic flow from Liberty Square in the direction of Konka will be intermittent in order to avoid traffic jams.

Traffic flow from Krtsanisi Square will only move through Leselidze Street and Metekhi Bridge towards the left embankment. In case of traffic jams, traffic flow on Gulua Street will be redirected to Ortachala Hydropower Plant,” the Ministry says. (IPN)

Statement of the United Nations mission in Georgia on the flooding in Tbilisi

The United Nations representation in Georgia is deeply saddened by the loss of lives as a result of the devastating flood in Tbilisi caused by the heavy rainfalls that hit the country overnight on June 13-14, 2015.

The United Nations mission expresses sincere condolences to the people and Government of Georgia, especially the families of those who have died, been injured or otherwise affected in this disaster.

From the outset, we are in contact with the Georgian authorities and are closely monitoring the developments.

The United Nations representation stands ready to assist the country in mitigating the consequences of this disaster and potential of the future occurrences. (UNDP)

Election of two new Members of the Supreme Court

The Parliament elected M. Todua and E. Gasitashvili as the Supreme Court members. They delivered the oath to the Parliament. “I am sure that Georgian jurisdiction obtained two experienced and principle Judges and it will be beneficial for jurisdiction in Georgia”, - the Speaker stated.

MPs elected M. Todua with 83 votes against 1 and E. Gasitashvili with 81 votes against 1. (

Government Announces Expression of Interest on Parking Arrangement for Heavy Tracks in Kazbegi Region

The Georgian Government announces expression of interest on parking arrangement for heavy tracks in Kazbegi region. In particular, the land of 30,600sqm has been chosen in the 18 kilometers distance from Larsi check-point near the Tbilisi - Kazbegi central highway. This makes it possible to arrange necessary infrastructure for modern parking and to create comfortable condition for people using auto transport means. Mikheil Khmaladze, Director at Land Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and Vakhtang Lashkaradze, Deputy Head of Revenue Service held a joint briefing on this issue.

As it was mentioned at the meeting, investor will be obliged to arrange parking with hard pavement aimed at not less than 200 cars and to provide corresponding infrastructure. Besides, office for check-point procedures will also be disposed there.

Any interested persons should apply to the Land Transport Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia or Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia until June 20. (