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National Center of Disease Control releases statement over drinking water

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, June 17
The National Center of Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia has released a statement, wherein they gave instructions to Tbilisi residents regarding drinking water.

According to Disease center, risk of infections is capital city is not exceeded than during any other kind of inundation.

“The only thing that may have the high risk of infectious diseases is drinking and recreational water at the moment,” reads the statement.

The disease center stated that drinking water or cooking food is not recommended without a special approach.

Disease center recommends to drink only boiled water.

“During intermittent supply of water in pipelines, it is preferable water to flow for at least 10 minutes and then be used for drinking or cooking. Also, boiling water before using it is recommended if you are not sure of its safety. Boiled water can be used only within 24 hours. It is preferable to use water filter devices and keep the cleaned water in a closed reservoir,” reads the statement.

Also, washing products and dishes, cooking food and preparing ice, is only recommended with clean water.

Disease Center also recommends avoiding bathing or fishing in open reservoirs.

In order to decrease the chance of problems, the center recommends to eat all the cooked food while it is hot and keeping it separately from raw products in refrigerator.

Also, the center recommends to avoid using waters from wells without fully pumping water and disinfecting it with chlorine.