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MFA grateful for large-scale international support

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, June 18
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia responded positively to the assistance offered from the international community regarding the deadly flood that hit Tbilisi on Saturday night.

It should be mentioned that the EU, UNHCR and dozens of foreign governments and organizations have offered their assistance, and stand in solidarity with Georgia after the major flooding of the river Vere in the capital on June 14,2015.

The Speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Davit Kereselidze held a special briefing on June 17, presenting the society with the decision of the Foreign and Finance Ministries to open a special account in the Embassies of Georgia abroad, where the diaspora representatives will be able to financially help victims of natural disaster without any additional taxes.

Kereselidze stated that the information about the account will be available through the websites and hotlines of the Georgian Embassies abroad.

According to him, Georgian embassies abroad are working in an 'emergency regime' and are cooperating with foreign governments, various foundations, NGOs and individuals to mobilize their assistance maximally.

“Also the members of Georgian communities abroad are very active and willing to help the victims of the disaster,” he added.

The Speaker thanked the foreign governments and organizations for offering their solidarity and help.

“The letters and calls of support and solidarity are being sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Presidents, PMs, politicians and officials of various foreign countries and I would like to thank them for their support,” he said.

Kereselidze also thanked the people abroad, who are going to hold charity events in order to assist the people affected by the flood.

“I want to thank our friends abroad, who are planning to hold various charity events, which will also provide help for disaster victims,” he noted.