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Disinfection works underway in the disaster zones

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, June 23
The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) stated that the National Food Agency has started disinfection works in the disaster zones after the massive flood in Tbilisi.

The works are preventative and are being held in order to avoid the possible spread of infections after the disaster.

The works are underway in five zones: Mziuri park, Zoo territory, Svaneti street, Tskneti street and Tskneti highway.

The workers are using antiseptic and aseptic methods called Thermal Fog, with the help of machinery equipment and mechanical back packs.

Korsolini acid is being used for the disinfection of the areas. The Ministry of Agriculture has stated that according to specialists, Korsolini is absolutely safe for both human health and the environment and it is widely used in a variety of purposes, including disaster relief liquidation activities.

The disinfection works were attended by the Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia, Health Minister Davit Sergeenko, head of National Food Agency Zaza Dolidze and many other specialists.

According to Sergeenko, pools of water in the disaster areas potentially multiply the risk of infection, so the disinfection process is of the most vital importance in order to protect special employees and volunteers working in the areas.

“People must not work here during the disinfection process; these procedures hindered the cleaning works in the territories, but we must be protected from risks as much as possible”, he said.

The carrion of dead animals found on the areas were taken away to the waste ground of Tbilisi and are destroyed according to veterinary and sanitary rules.

Carrion is being destroyed in an incinerator (combustion furnace, in which animal carrion and other biological wastes are destructed in a high temperature).

Under the supervision of National Food Agency specialists, 41 tons of food and raw materials deemed to be harmful were taken from the Vake Sausage Factory and destroyed.

In the disaster relief efforts, 20 employees and 12 pieces of special machinery of the Georgian Melioration company of MOA were actively involved.