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City transport remains as a problem

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, June 30
Several days ago, the Tbilisi Transport Company informed residents that they should demand the switching on of air conditioners in “marshutkas” (mini buses) and buses and in the case of resistance call the company about the drivers who declined their request.

The company assured customers that the bus air conditioning system was working properly and that passengers could enjoy comfort inside the transport.

The problem is on the agenda every year as the drivers are complaining about low salaries and trying to save money through “smothering” passengers in the public transport during the hottest days.

There are also serious question marks about the conditions of the transports, as quite many passengers complain about the irrelevances of buses and state that “they risk their lives” while in transit.

In any developed countries there is a limit as to how many passengers can sit and how many can stand in buses and mini buses so as not to create safety hazards.In Georgia more people stand than sit and drivers generally are trying to add more passengers and accordingly gain more money.

Meanwhile, the transport fare increases from year to year without offering increased comfort to passengers.

Mayors of Tbilisi - while they are candidates - are giving generous promises over solving the transport related problems. However, the problems persist.

The popular opinion is that if something fatal does not take place nobody will lift a finger to address the problem.

Tbilisi Transport Company, 100% of share of which is under the ownership of Tbilisi City Hall has been in operation since 1966, when the first part of underground (subway/metro) was opened in the direction of Didube - Rustaveli. According to the 2009 decision of Tbilisi City Hall, municipal buses and the related immovable property were given to this company. In 2012 the company extended its sphere of operation and newly built Rike-Narikala ropeway was added to its assets.

Up to 5600 people are employed in the company.

It is the obligation of each company and each governmental body to think about the interests of its people and create worthy environment for them. With regards to the public transport, the government needs to offer the adequate service to the customers.