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32nd Round of Geneva Talks concludes as usual

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, July 3
The international talks of Geneva, established since the August War between Georgia and Russia in 2008, concluded as usual without any serious breakthrough.

The Geneva International Discussions, which are co-chaired by representatives from the USA, EU, UN and OSCE, were held in two working groups, based on the format of firstly addressing security issues in the occupied territories of Georgia and secondly, discussing humanitarian issues, such as the safe return of internally displaced people to their homes.

According to the statement of the Foreign Ministry, the co-chairs said in a joint statement after the 32nd round of talks that they “were encouraged to see a debate which was frank and open despite existing divergent views.”

The information reads that the participants of the both groups fully discussed all the issues on the agenda.

The MFA states that within the first working group, the participants from Georgia reviewed the security situation in the occupied regions of Georgia. They condemned Russia's illegal military exercises in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as violations of Georgian airspace from the Russian side.

The Georgian side stressed that wire fences and other barriers made by Russians at the occupation line is a gross violation of the fundamental rights of the local population and poses a threat to their safety.

They called upon Russia to fully implement the obligations undertaken by the agreement made on August 12, 2008 between Russia and Georgia.

Within the second working group, all the issues concerning internally displaced people and refugees, their safety, return to their houses, right of getting education in Georgian, environmental problems etc. were discussed.

Participants from Georgia reaffirmed their readiness to continue constructive negotiations and take appropriate measures for specific humanitarian projects in order to effectively solve the problems of the local population.

They thanked the Head of United States delegation in Geneva, Eric Rubin for his assistance and afford during the talks and wished him success in his future work.

The next round of the Geneva talks has been scheduled for October 6-7, 2015.