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Tbilisi flood victims to get material support from government

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, July 6
Tbilisi City Hall (Sakrebulo) made the decision to materially support the victims of the deadly flooding of June 13, according to which victims will have the opportunity to choose between two offered types of aid.

At the moment, the owners can sell their living spaces to the government in accordance to their market price, or they can receive a temporary living place and receive real estate later. Victims will also receive the amount of 8, 000 to 10, 500 GEL in the so-called family package for house stock.

Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Dimitri Kumishvili said that during the first stage, real estate owners will be compensated.

“The transparency of the process will be on a high level. We created a web-page especially for this. Every single Tetri which will be expended will be automatically reflected on the site. Society will be maximally informed about distributing money among victims,” stated Kumsishvili.

Leader of the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia fraction Rima Beradze said that the owners of the cars which were not insured may also be compensated.

“We need to start consultations regarding this issue and when and how/if exactly owners of the cars will get compensation will soon be known. At the moment we are still counting the loss, we need to finish the calculation process first and then talk about the rest,” stressed Beradze.

Member of the Tbiliselebi party Giorgi Muskhelishvili thinks that car owners should get compensation just like house owners.

“People must feel that government is supporting them. Every single individual must receive compensation,” stressed Muskhelishvili.

According to the Mayor’s Office, the houses which may be constructed will be restored as soon as possible.

In addition, the companies which were affected by the disaster may receive material support from government.

Before accepting the document, an agreement has been reached between Sakrebulo and affected people.

The flash flood in Tbilisi resulted in the death of 19 individuals and 3 are still missing. Also, it caused approximately 50 million GEL damage. Over 161 families were left homeless. 13 June flood was the biggest natural disaster in the city’s living memory.