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Tuesday, July 7
UNM Appoints Party’s New Executive Secretary

Opposition United National Movement (UNM) appointed Sergo Ratiani as party’s new executive secretary on July 4th.

Ratiani, who went into politics and joined the UNM before the 2012 parliamentary elections, has replaced Zurab Japaridze, who quit the UNM party along with three other lawmakers in late May.

UNM said that Ratiani was elected by the party’s 62-member political council in an election where MP Giorgi Vashadze was another candidate.

Two block of flats to be built for IDPs

88 days and 4 hours are left before opening of two 16-storey block of flats, where 160 families will get apartments, while construction of 23 more buildings are planned, - the government’s press serve reports.

Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili and Minister of IDPs Sozar Subari laid the foundation for a large-scale construction in the city of Kutaisi, Imereti region of Georgia, today.

“Foundation was laid for the construction of 25 16-storey block of flats in Kutaisi today. The flats will be handed over to IDPs.

This is a big thing and I’d like to thank everyone involved in this project. We will soon make 2 000 families happy. It is our state obligation to ensure worthy living conditions for IDPs’, the PM said.

Tbilisi flood: Compensation now available to victims

Flood-affected families in Tbilisi can now apply to Tbilisi City Hall to receive compensation for their homes and property lost in the June 13 natural disaster.

Tbilisi Sakrebulo, the City Assembly, has defined the compensation rules for flood victims. The rules were adopted yesterday with 46 votes in favour and none against.

The compensation rules state flood-affected families have two options: Victims can either ask for a fixed compensation based on the number of members in their family, or ask for a thorough assessment of their lost property and receive an equal amount of compensation.

Flood-affected families were divided into two categories by the Sakrebulo: Those whose houses were destroyed by the natural disaster and the houses were not subject to restoration, and those whose houses were partially destroyed but could be repaired.

Compensation for victims in terms of number of family members has been defined as the following:
• Families with one or two members will receive financial compensation equal to the value of a 45sq km area;
• Three/four member families will be offered financial compensation equal to the value of a 65sq km area;
• Families with five/six members will be given financial compensation equal to the value of 90sq km area; and
• Families with seven or more family members will be offered financial compensation equal to the value of 110 sq km area.

In addition, each family will receive a household package relative to the number of people in their families; A family with 1-2 members will receive 8,000 GEL, a 3-4-member family will get 8,700 GEL, a 5-6-member family will get 9,400 GEL and families with 7 or more members will receive 10,500 GEL.

Deputy Mayor Dimitri Kumsiashvili said Tbilisi City Hall could begin distributing compensation to the flood victims today "if the flood-affected families could pick one of the two offered forms of compensation”.

About 400 people from 80 families in central Tbilisi were forced from their damaged homes and temporarily placed in 10 hotels and houses following the June 13 deadly flash flood in the Georgian capital. The families were being provided with food, first aid, medicine and children’s products.