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Football Federation starts selling Super Cup tickets from July twelve

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, July 8
The Football Federation of Georgia has announced that tickets printed for the 22, 000 Georgian fans for the Super Cup game between Barcelona – Sevila on August 11 will be sold from July 12 at Mikheil Meskhi stadium in Tbilisi.

The web-page reads that the Georgians fans, eager to buy tickets, will be able to reach box offices at the stadium via specially arranged paths, which will make buying Super Cup tickets easier.

The special procedures became necessary since an authorized web-page biletebi-ge failed to sell tickets online due to technical problems as the page leadership explained.

Now the tickets will be printed out for 22,000 Georgian fans by the Football Federation and sold through a more conventional manner at Dinamo Arena Stadium.

The assures that fans will gather in Vake Park and reach the stadium through the paths set up for them. Security and row order will be protected by police. Water will be provided to the fans for free.

Head of the governmental commission set up for settling the Super Cup game complications is due to meet the Football Federation leadership, head of the commission, former footballer and current Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze said.

He stressed that the government was very much interested in getting updated information concerning the tickets and timely solution of the controversy.

Meanwhile head of Sakpatenti Nikoloz Gogilidze has stated that violations related to the game would be strictly punished.

“Using the UEFA logo illegally, placing it on products or selling as well as reselling match tickets is prohibited,” he said.

According to him, illegal goods will be confiscated and fines imposed. Criminal proceedings may be launched if large amounts of illicit goods are found.

As per Gogilidze, those who try to resell the tickets will have them confiscated and might be subjected to a fine. The confiscated tickets will be voided.

Broadcasting of the match in bars and pubs is allowed through existing TV sets. However, if a bar keeper decides to fix a special screen and set a new price for watching it will be taken as violation.

“Any advertising activities excluding UEFA official sponsors are strictly prohibited in the vicinity of Dinamo Arena,” Gogilidze said.

Foreigners who wish to attend the game can buy the tickets through