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Flood victim support procedures launch

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, July 8
Procedures for material support of June 13 disaster victims has already been launched and the affected people need to fill out a special questionnaire regarding their property.

When exactly they will receive material support is not known yet. However, Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania said that victims will be supported materially as soon as Tbilisi City Hall (Sakrebulo) will have all the required information.

Levan Samkharauli of the National Forensic Bureau (NFB) works in the field of counting and estimating losses.

Victims of the natural disaster said that they realize the fact that it is impossible that they will be compensated fully. However, they hope that government will support them at least partly.

Part of victims want to receive money and leave Vere ravine, while some of them want to re-construct the houses and get back to their own homes.

Before accepting the support document, an agreement has been reached between Sakrebulo and the affected people. However, victims think that there are some errors in the document.

“One of the most important errors is the fact that there are no certain dates about processes,” said Tamaz Elizbarashvili, a businessman whose dog shelter was also destroyed during the flood.

Governor of the Vake District Lasha Abashidze said that people will choose what kind of support they want to receive.

“We offer them two different variants. For example, they can receive an amount of money which is the market cost of their property, or they can wait for NFB conclusion after which we will reconstruct the houses which can be restored,” stated Abashidze.

The flash flood in Tbilisi resulted in the death of 19 individuals and 3 are still missing. Also, it caused approximately 50 million GEL damage. Over 161 families were left homeless. The 13 June flood was the biggest natural disaster in the city’s living memory.