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Senator McCain: “The Georgian Military are among the finest troops in the Coalition”

Thursday, July 9
US Senator John McCain thanked the Georgian military servicemen for the contribution provided to Afghan international mission. The Senator arrived at Bagram Airbase to mark the United States` Independence Day and attended the celebration together with the Resolute Support Mission Commander General John Campbell.

The Georgian military of 43rd Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade provided additional security for the event. John McCain underlined the Georgian troops` contribution to the Afghan mission and their high professionalism: “The Georgian contribution here in Afghanistan is enormous. They are doing some of the most dangerous and demanding work outside the wire, out in the perimeter. They are keeping the rest of our allies, soldiers and marines safe. They are making an enormous contribution to our effort here in Afghanistan and we are very grateful. Our Commanding General here General Campbell has told me that amongst the finest troops that are in the coalition, there are Georgians. They are doing a very difficult and demanding job that requires highest degree of professionalism – that is the definition of the Georgian military.”