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Tbilisi at risk of deforestation

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, July 9
Tbilisi may face another natural disaster in the future if the Mayor's Office does not start to plant more trees. According to the founder of a monitoring center, Mediator Tornike Bikashvili, most part of the trees in the capital city are withering.

Bikashvili said that even though the Mayor's Office planted some trees, not enough care is being taken of them.

"The Mayor's Office planted trees in Dendrite Park. However, no watering or other procedures were carried out. That is why almost 50% of the saplings are already dead," stated Bikashvili.

He mentioned that it would be better if the Mayor's Office declared a tender for planting trees.

"The fact that they could save about 10% of spent money in case of declaring tender makes me question if there was some hidden reasons for not doing so," stated Bikashvili.

The Mayor of Tbilisi, Davit Narmania, denies the accusation.

"We have not stopped the monitoring process and our service makes sure that trees are watered every day," said Narmania.

Head of the Partisan Gardeners Nata Peradze said that there is one more problem in Tbilisi; according to her, many trees in the city have different types of diseases.

"Those trees need urgent treatment. If the Mayor's Office leaves the problem unsolved, Tbilisi will be left without its lungs. We may lose every single tree, since the disease may also affect other plants soon," stated Peradze.