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Majority drafts resolution over Russia’s recent aggressive actions

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, July 22
The parliamentary majority has revealed a resolution draft in terms of the recent moving of the so-called administrative border by Russians.

The resolution text reads that the Russian actions are definitely provocative. However, taking the state and regional stability and security into account, the Georgian response should be peaceful.

The majority believes that Georgia has its responsibility for the regional security and being provoked will provide no benefits for Georgia’s European intentions or for the whole region stability.

The resolution includes seven major points and advice to the current government of Georgia.

The points are as such: 1. Dislocation of the Russian forces on the Georgian territory after the August War of 2008 between Georgia and Russia and the ceasefire agreement signed after the war speaks on the violation of the international norms and legislations by Russia. 2.The parliament condemns the Russian aggressive steps and violating of Georgia’s territorial integrity. 3. The Russian actions are in opposition of the Georgia’s attempt to ensure the regional stability. 4. The parliament appeals to the government to operate all its levers, including the informing of the international community and using the international meeting formats, to address to the Russian actions. 5.The resolution welcomes the Prime Minister’s initiative over the formation of a common strategy to conflict issues and a special government group that will work with all interested sides to address the conflict related topics. 6. The resolution appeals to the permanent parliamentrary delegation to inform the foreign partners permanently in a timely manner. 7. The resolution thanks all states, state leaders and organizations, which reveal their support to Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The opposition United National Movement continually accuse the current state leadership of a too lenient (and possibly loyal) attitude towards Russia.

The opposition has already initiated the adoption of the resolution. However, the loud statements and the activeness were taken negatively by the majority.

Now the majority has drafted its own resolution text that is very likely to be followed by noisy discussions in parliament.