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President reminds election promise to government

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, July 23
The President of Georgia, in his interview with Public Broadcaster, reminded the government of their election promise concerning the change of the majoritarian elections.

The President stated that stretching the amendments after the 2016 parliamentary elections was equal to “postponing of justice.”

While addressing a long-demanded election reform from the civil sector and by themselves when they were in the opposition the Georgian Dream (GD) coalition maintained the mixed electoral model for the 2016 parliamentary elections, wherein 73 lawmakers are elected in 73 majoritarian, single-mandate constituencies and the remaining 77 seats are allocated by a party-list, proportional vote.

The President stressed that the election reform was essential for encouraging strong political parties in the country, strong opposition among them.

“If we want to build a strong democratic state we should have a more diversified political arena. Our democracy will not be stable without strong political parties. Moving from majoritarian system to proportional one offers more comfortable environment for political players,” he said.

The President stressed that there will always be distinguished figures, but if there are stable and strong political parties in the country people will make choice among them and not based on some leaders.

The President also touched upon the appointing rule of the Chief Prosecutor that is being discussed. He stressed that the Prosecutor’s Office reform should not be framed with only putting amendments in the appointing rule of the Chief Prosecutor.

“Reforming the system is essential. The body should be transparent and free from political influences and archiving the goal requires genuine reforms,” the President said.

Responding to the President’s statements, the Minister of Energy said that it was due to Georgia’s former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s influence that Margvelashvili became the President.

He added that the President acts as if he is not the member of the current ruling team.

“Every promise is being fulfilled; it is necessary that they be met. There is no problem in this regard. As for the electoral system change, you know that a suit was filed in the Constitutional Court and Parliament also works on the issue. Changes will be carried out to meet the suit,” said Kaladze.