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Thursday, July 23
Ombudsman calls for investigation of bankerís 2011 detention and fine

Georgiaís Public Defender has asked the Prosecutor Generalís Office to investigate a possible crime which took place in March, 2011.

A person with the initials L.L. was detained by strangers and brought to the Prosecutor Generalís Office, where the detainee was told that if he paid a 15 million laris (later reduced to 12 million laris) fine, a bank in which this person used to hold a high position would be able to continue functioning, but if he didnít pay the fine, they would arrest him, the bankís management and the members of the bankís fund council, the ombudsman informs.

Money was transferred to the state budget the next day, on March 19, 2011. The reason described in the receipt of the payment was Ďpaying fine by L.L.í

March 19, Tbilisi City Court ruled about a plea agreement, as L.L was recognized guilty in violating passage 220 of the Criminal Code, about abuse of power using leadership position in an entrepreneurial or other organization. The court imposed a 12 million laris fine as punishment.

The ombudsman believes that government officials forced L.L. to pay the money, and that the Prosecutor Generalís Office has to investigate the case.

The Prosecutor Generalís Office has not yet responded to the ombudsmanís statement. (DF Watch)

Georgian police make 7kg drug bust

Georgian law enforcement agencies have prevented a large quantity of drugs from spreading from Georgia to Turkey, after they arrested a person at the border trying to leave the country carrying seven kilograms of cocaine.

A Lebanese man only named as Eliano K. was detained today for illegal purchase, possession and attempted smuggling of drugs in especially large quantities at the Sarphi Border Crossing Point (BCP) on the Georgia-Turkey border, when he was trying to leave Georgia.

Law enforcers found the cocaine hidden in secret pocket of the man's handbag and between the sheets of a laminated photo album. According to experts, the cocaine weighed 7.348kg.

The operative-investigative activities were jointly held by the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairís division for Fighting against Organised Crime, the division for Fighting against Narcotics Transit, Customs Department of the Revenue Service and the Main Prosecutorís Office of the Criminal Police Department. (

Georgian Prime Minister offers his sympathies to the Government of Turkey and the Turkish people

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili offers his sympathies to the Government of Turkey and the Turkish people following the terrorist attack in the town of Suruc in Sanluirfa, Turkey.

"The Georgian Government condemns all forms of terrorism. We express our deepest sorrow over the death of dozens of victims of this terrorist attack. On behalf of the Georgian people, I offer my sincere condolences to the families of the victims. May you find strength and courage during this time of grief," reads the letter of sympathy. (

Bringing Tusk to the border was provocative Ė ďPresidentĒ of occupied Tskhinvali

Apparently, the occupied region of Tskhinvali will continue to strengthen the so-called border with Georgia. According to Russian media reports, this was stated by the so-called South Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov.

"Reinforcement of the South Ossetian state border continues despite the Georgian government's repeated provocations," he said.

As Ghana Yanovskaya, spokeswoman for the South Ossetian de-facto ruler declared, Tibilov discussed the situation at the so-called border at the meeting with Security Service officials.

"The South Ossetian government wants to continue reinforcing the state border of the republic, as we have repeatedly declared. This information became available to the Georgian side and international mediators within the framework of the Geneva talks long ago,Ē- said Leonid Tibilov.

According to him, Tbilisi still cannot reconcile with the fact that "there exists South Ossetia, an independent and sovereign country with its own state borders."

So-called South Ossetian President also noted that bringing President of the European Council Donald Tusk to the so-called border served provocative purposes. (IPN)