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Electricity price increases

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, July 23
The National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) has set new and increased tariffs for thermal power plants. The session was held at the request of power plant companies.

The tariff increases are as follows: GE Power Company - from 7.397 GEL to 7.534 GEL. Mtkvari Energetics - from 7.229 GEL to 10.871 GEL. Georgian International Energetic Corporation - from 7.319 GEL to 10.194 GEL.

During the Commission session, which lasted 3 hours, two new tariff projects were presented.

The first project was based on the damage suffered by thermal power plants as a result of exchange rate depreciation, while the other one on estimation of both cost-effectiveness and damages. The commission approved the second project, which was unacceptable for the thermal power plants.

How the increased tariff reflects on consumer price will be clear on July 23. “Energo-pro Georgia buys electricity from about 50 hydro power plants, and they also buy imported power, so how will the changes will be reflected in energy prices will be known only after calculation process,” head of the GNERC Irina Milorava stressed.

Representative of GE Power Mikheil Botsvadze said that the GNERC made a decision which may harm thermal power plants.

“We waste more resources on making energy then we can earn after selling it. If the decision stays unchanged, we may stop transferring energy for Georgian population,” stated Botsvadze.

Representative of Georgian International Energetic Corporation Zurab Gelenidze also noted that the decision was unfair.

Meanwhile opposition parties, which held a rally during the GNERC session, demand an abolition of the commission.

“This company made a decision which will worsen the situation of the Georgian population. All we see are decisions made by greedy people,” stated leader of the Georgian Group party Jondi Baghaturia.