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Defence Minister: “Where We Protect Peace, We Protect Georgia”

Friday, July 24
The President of the European Council Donald Tusk, President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli met with the peacekeeping contingent of Georgia who participated in the EU led mission in Central African Republic at the Administration of the President of Georgia.

In his address to the Georgian military personnel the head of state paid attention to the occupation of Georgia and Russian activities and clarified that, much like contribution on the global scale, Georgia will be guarantor of peace and stability inside the country as well.

“Now you see an army whose ancestors guarded and strengthened this small country throughout tenth of centuries. This army was confronted by huge empires and armies during history. However it still managed to defend the country and create a full-fledged member of world - Georgia. These soldiers are equipped now with modern weapons, are historically strengthened with the most important and strategic weapon – Georgian society and people, which fought for independence and freedom during centuries and never surrendered. It is important that our army was created on the basis of correct and adequate criteria – which are strengthening our capabilities and military spirit. Similarly to other modern countries, our army is dedicated to defend not only our homeland, but to share global responsibilities as well. This makes our country part of the civilized world, oriented towards democracy and the future,” the President said. “When our European colleagues and partners planned to implement peace operation in Central Africa, the Georgian state and its military forces supported them. In February, on the basis of my decision and approval from the parliament, these people took responsibility of global peace and were distinguished with high professionalism, human attitude, with knowledge of region and commitment to their country and work.”

For his part, Donald Tusk expressed gratitude toward Georgian soldiers for their participation in EU-lead mission in Central Africa. “I would like to express my gratitude for your service, which you provide abroad to achieve peace and security. Your hard work, devotion is highly appreciated in European Union and personally, I am greatly proud of you and your contribution in Central Africa. Due to your readiness, courage and professionalism, Georgia is one of best examples of international solidarity in the world. I thank you once again. Our soldiers in Central African Republic provide security in very difficult space. They help local population to bring humanitarian need for those, who are in desperate need of it. We work together in the name of international community, with the mandate of Security Council and in the frameworks of international efforts. Georgia, which has second large contingent, has essential influence in the success of operation. We appreciate decision of Georgia to continue engagement in this important process through provision of rapid action group for Military Advisors Mission of EU in Central African Republic. We achieve significant results through the spirit of Global and European solidarity. Dear soldiers, we appreciate and thank you for your contribution and wish you all the best!” said the President of European Council.

“During the last decade the Georgians fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Republic of Central Africa, Mali. Georgia expressed readiness to stand by the side of the European Union, UN, and NATO, where our country is needed. We believe that wherever we protect peace, we protect Georgia. We protect the security of our children and we for their better future. I would like to thank each Georgian soldier who fought outside the borders of Georgia for the global peace and secuirity,” Tinatin Khidasheli declared in her address.

At the ceremony President of Georgia awarded three Georgian soldiers with the Silver Presidential Coins for their dedicated service in the mission.