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Friday, July 24
57 kg of amphetamine found in car

The Interior Ministry in Georgia seized more than 57 kg of amphetamine on Tuesday. The drugs were found in the car of a man who attempted to cross the border with Armenia at Sadakhlo.

As the police checked the Toyota Land Cruiser, they found 96,460 liters of liquid, which contained 57.24 kilograms of amphetamine and 227 grams of methamphetamine.

The suspect, an Armenian citizen, was detained.

Employees of the Interior Ministry’s anti-corruption agency worked together with the Revenue Service’s customs department.

The case is investigated as illegal purchase, possession and attempt to bring a large amount of drugs into Georgia.

Amphetamine is central nervous system stimulant. Methamphetamine is a recreational drug, a stronger central nervous system stimulant.

On Monday, 7 kilos of cocaine was found in the luggage of a man at the Sarpi border crossing on the border with Turkey. (DF watch)

Ministry of Agriculture to assist the population of villages adjacent to occupation line with harvests

LTD "Mechanizatori" of the Ministry of Agriculture will help the population of villages adjacent to the occupation line in the Shida Kartli region with the harvest free of charge.

According to Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia, LTD "Mechanizatori" equipment will serve locals free of charge due to the socio-economic state of the population living near the occupation line, while those who have already paid for the service will receive a refund.

All interested individuals should apply at "Mechanizatori” local service centres for further information, - the Ministry of Agriculture told InterpressNews. (IPN)

Large-scale military exercises with participation of Georgia in Ukraine

Large-scale military exercises with the participation of Georgia have officially started in Ukraine. Imitation military action, which will last until July 31 unites 18 countries and a total of 1800 troops.

The exercises are organized by the United States at Ukraine`s request,

Along with military maneuvers shooting continues in eastern Ukraine . The separatists have targeted the city of Gorlovka now. (Rustavi2)

Modern convoy cars serve Georgian prisoners

Georgian inmates will be transported to destinations with new convoy cars as a new auto park for prison guards has opened in Tbilisi.

Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Giorgi Mgebrishvili personally opened the modern auto park and an office for the guards.

The vehicles in the auto park are differentiated according to different categories, such as suitable for minors, women and adult male convicts.

In addition, vehicles for high-risk prisoners were specially designed with a self-damage prevention mechanism.

The auto park also offered modern ambulances for timely and safe transportation of the prisoners to hospitals.

Giorgi Mgebrishvili noted that the new vehicles were fully in line with Western standards and ensured safe movement for the prisoners.

"Within the reform we created an appropriate environment for the prisoners to honorable serve their sentence and for the employees to effectively and successfully carry out their duties,” he said.

"We reject everything Soviet and old, and forever stopped the vehicles that were associated with torture and inhumane treatments, when 50 prisoners instead of 20 were transported with one car,” Mgebrishvili noted.

The Minister personally held a tour of the auto park for the journalists and explained the functions of the vehicles to them. (