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Electricity tariff increase for each consumer

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, July 24
The National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) made a decision to increase the consumer price of electricity by 3, 348 Tetri, on July 23.

Energo Pro Georgia demanded a tariff increase with 4,8 Tetri, but the GNERC did not agree to the request.

As Deputy Director General Mikheil Botsvadze said, the projections of the company and the commission vary, and ENERGO PRO Georgia will be forced to apply for a tariff correction again in a few months. The new tariff will take effect from 1 August till 31 December this year.

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, state subsidies will apply only to socially vulnerable citizens if consumer electricity prices are increased.

He said that the state will do its best to ease the burden for the vulnerable.

"The GNERC is an independent body and the decision is up to them. We understand that this is due to the current regional situation, including our country. Since the tariff increased, the government will do its best to ease the burden for the population. There will necessarily be subsidies for socially vulnerable citizens. We are a government oriented on social issues and we have been doing a lot in this direction for the last three years,” stated Gharibashvili.

A day earlier, on July 22, GNERC made decision about increasing tariff for thermal power plants. New tariffs are the following: GE Power Company - from 7.397 GEL to 7.534 GEL. Mtkvari Energetics - from 7.229 GEL to 10.871 GEL. Georgian International Energetic Corporation - from 7.319 GEL to 10.194 GEL.

However, the result disappointed the companies. Botsvadze who also is a representative of GE Power said that company wastes more resource on making energy then earn after selling it.

“If the decision stays unchanged, we may stop set limits for and in from November we may need special schedule,” stated Botsvadze.

Opposition parties still protest the increased price and remind the government its election promise over reduced communal fees.