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Georgia’s Path to NATO Integration should pass through the young generation

Friday, July 31
The elaboration of the selection system of military servicemen for being sent abroad to educational institutions of the USA and Europe, further activities of graduates and proper realization of their knowledge were the main topics of discussion at the meeting of the Defence Minister and former students. Deputy Defence Ministers Ana Dolidze, Besik Loladze and Head of Defence Policy and Planning Department attended the meeting as well.

The sides agreed that in order to minimize the subjectivism, the selection system and mechanisms to maintain the graduates at the Georgian Armed Forces should be streamlined. The participants of the meetings emphasized that graduates of foreign educational institutions frequently leave the Armed Forces and it is necessary to develop such mechanism and contracts that will guarantee correct investments in education.

“I won’t take decisions on my own or according to approbated methods abroad. It is more important for me to take best decisions for my country and its armed forces,” Tinatin Khidasheli said. In her opinion Defence Ministry has a vast resource in the form of foreign educated officers. “We should use their knowledge and experience they had gained in the foreign educational institutions and participation in international missions for streamlining the system and reformation process. This was the purpose of the meeting. We are also going to meet those military personnel who are no longer working at the Defence Ministry but significant sums were spent on their education. They should be maximally involved in reforms for NATO integration and make them part of this process. They are young and future of our country is in their hands. They should take part in various forums and discussions and important decisions.”