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Georgian Gov’t reinstates allowances for single pensioners

Friday, July 31
The Government of Georgia is looking to reinstate allowances for single pensioners who are not covered by the program covering the socially vulnerable population.

This issue is being actively discussed at today’s Governmental meeting.

The country’s Prime Minister, Irakli Garibashvili, said money from the budget would go to the pensioners as a reimbursement of the money they should have received since their state assistance was suspended.

Additionally, PM Garibashvili thanked Minister of Health Davit Sergeenko for drafting a new project that was helping many of Georgia’s oldest and socially vulnerable residents.

The new program, which started in May, allowed the Government to more clearly analyse and understand the needs of socially vulnerable families and provide a clearer picture of those who needed Government assistance.

"The methodology has been amended and refined several times since 2012 and the Ministry is working continually to adopt a better system,” said PM Garibashvili. (