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Dried and diseased trees tried to be cut down in Tbilisi

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 4
The City of Light Company will cut down damaged and diseased trees in Tbilisi and its circumference.

The company has won a tender on undertaking this process. According to the company’s chairman, Vasil Khorava, cutting down one tree will cost from 17 to 22 GEL. A total of 5,508 trees will be cut down.

Few days earlier, nature defenders stated that situation in capital city is catastrophic. According to Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) green cover is almost fully destroyed.

“Due to this fact, air is also hardly polluted. No one is taking care over the nature and the situation is very hard at the moment,” stated representative of the Safe Space Ana Gabriadze.

The cutting down process has already begun.

According to head of Tbilisi City Hall’s Ecology Service, Bidzina Giorgobiani, the work will continue through August. Also, he said that the chopped down trees will be replaced by new ones, more resistant to the local environment.

“After cutting down, we plan to plant new trees, the process will take place in October-November,” stated Giorgobiani.

He also said that chopped-down trees will be distributed to the socially vulnerable population as firewood.