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Georgian Dream plans campaign activities for 2016 parliamentary election

By Ana Robakidze
Wednesday, August 5
The Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia party prepares to launch its election campaign. The membranes of the party held a council meeting on August 3 to prepare a detailed agenda for election activities and events together with their leader Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili

“At the council meeting we focused on internal issues as well as planned to hold conferences with regional organizations. Actual dates will be set later, but we will presumably start activities in September,” Eka Beselia, an MP and one of the leaders of the party told media after the council meeting. She said that her party is one of the ruling powers within the coalition and they have responsibilities to fulfil. Therefore, the Democratic Georgia party will thoroughly prepare for the elections.

“Naturally, the party, which is the main political force and plans to continue the fulfillment of its commitments, needs to be ready for this very significant period,” Beselia said.

According to Zviad Kvachantiradze, a member of the party, regional conferences will be held in order to increase party activities in the regions. The party plans to appoint regional party secretaries as well as new party heads in the regional branches.

“We plan to held conferences in September or in the beginning of October, which should be an encouragement not only for the party but for the country’s political environment in general.” Kvachantiradze said.

The Republicans, a powerful member of the ruling coalition, do not plan to start an individual election campaign. According to the MP Tamar Kordzaia, the republicans welcome the recent plan of the ruling coalition to launch various activities ahead the 2016 elections.

The Georgian Dream Coalition has been losing its supporters in recent years. Many experts believe that if the coalition wants to keep its position, it should prepare well for the Parliamentary elections 2016, as only a powerful campaign can secure the seats for the coalition members.