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Georgian blood saves lives around the world

Wednesday, August 5
Blood donated by Georgian donors will soon help save the lives of people all over the world.

Georgia has begun to process donated blood products following the opening of a 3.4 million GEL medical centre in capital Tbilisi that was established within the Produce in Georgia state program.

The Hemoline medical centre processes locally donated blood and prepare it for use in all regions of Georgia. The products are also exported to post-Soviet countries.

"[Blood] used to be imported in Georgia but now the country will produce it and furthermore, will export it,” said the country’s Economy Minister while attending the facility’s opening ceremony on July 31.

He noted the new enterprise met international good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards and the centre would process local blood donations for local and international use.

A total of 3,375,000 GEL was invested in creating the blood processing medical centre in capital city Tbilisi.

Those willing to donate blood are being welcomed to the new medical centre. Hemoline will process the donated blood with the help of their Italian partners. The centre will filter blood and separate the various blood components, including plasma.

Looking ahead the medical centre has plans to expand and open branches in Kutaisi and Batumi. (