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Defense Ministry initiates changes in school curriculum

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 5
Prior to the seventh anniversary of the Georgian-Russian War in 2008, the Ministry of Defense initiates on reinstating a military study at schools.

Deputy Defense Minister Ana Dolidze stresses that the source of the initiative was an “unfavorable discovery.”

She emphasized that the recent books of history used by public schools lack information concerning the modern Georgian history and the bravery Georgians showed in the course of the Russian-Georgian war.

“I believe that it is essential our future generation to have information concerning the moral facts and the heroes we can be proud of,” Dolidze said.

However, the ministry has no definite plan on how to reveal its intentions.

“It might be a selective subject at schools, like the history of defense and security,” Dolidze said.

“We just had superficial talks, we have several initiatives and we are discussing them,” Dolidze added.

Minister of Defense Tina Khidasheli has already stated that rising of public awareness in terms of defense issues is significant.

Responding to the initiative, Minister of Education Tamar Sanikidze stated that such amendment has not been foreseen in the current year’s curriculum.

“I believe that introducing of such subject at schools, especially in the beginning level, is not necessary. However, the issue is related to the state interests and it might be reflected in the curriculum as the curriculum aims at serving national interests,” Sanikidze said.

The issue will have a continuation if it is set at the government’s meeting and the Prime Minister supports it. However, materializing of the issue if it is accepted will take time, as relevant books would be written and published.