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Government launches information campaign over visa-free travel in EU

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, August 5
The government of Georgia has launched a large-scale media campaign about visa-free travel, in accordance with the third stage of the EU Visa Liberalization Action Plan (VLAP).

According to the State Ministry of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Issues, the campaign aims to inform the public of opportunities and responsibilities they will have after the visa liberalization process is successfully completed.

The Ministry stated that for effective implementation of the campaign, the Government of Georgia has developed an action plan, which aims at providing detailed information about visa-free travel in the EU to the population by means of direct communication.

“One of the main components of the campaign is spreading information by printing, through internet and television. As of August 3, videos will be broadcast in Georgian, Abkhazian, Ossetian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian languages," reads the statement.

The Government-led campaign was an obligatory part of the third stage of VLAP; it offered detailed information about Georgia’s efforts to gain visa free travel to the EU.

The visa-free regime will allow free movement within the Schengen zone, which includes 22 EU member states, 4 EU non-member states and 4 candidate countries of Schengen.

Exceptions are 2 EU member countries Great Britain and Ireland. In order to get visas of these countries, Georgian citizens need to apply for a visa to the appropriate consular services.

At the present, Georgia is at the final stage of VLAP implementation.

Detailed information about visa-free travel regulations is available on the official website of the Ministry