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Fifty -five men poisoned in Kakheti

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, August 6
Over 55 people were poisoned in the Kakheti Region, Kvareli, late on August 4.

Locals state that the poisoning was caused by polluted water. However, officials still refrain from making definite responses.

The head of the Department of Emergency Coordination and Regime, Avtandil Talakvadze, made a statement that the cause of the intoxication would be known shortly, after conducting relevant studies.

He said that he would visit Kvareli to face the situation himself and meet the affected population.

As Talakvadze remarked, 55 people addressed hospitals with the reason of intoxication.

Most of the patients were kids.

Greater part of patients has been placed in Kvareli hospital and some others were transported to town Telavi.

However, both of the hospitals failed to receive all the patients owing to the lack of wards.

All of the patients suffered one and the same symptoms of diarrhea, qualm and changes of temperature.

“The intoxication is not heavy and supposedly very soon all of the patients will be discharged from the hospital,” Talakvadze said, noting that each patient who addressed to the hospital, if there we not enough wards, have been provided with first aid and they were feeling better.

Meanwhile, Kvareli Municipality stresses that they have already received primary outcomes that does not confirm water intoxication.