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Tinatin Khidasheli Visited Gori Military Hospital

Friday, August 7
After touring the military bases in the West of Georgia, Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli visited the Giorgi Abramishvili Military Hospital in Gori. The head of the Military Hospital, Revaz Kuchukhidze, delivered the detailed information to the Defence Minister on the medical institution. Together with reporters, Tinatin Khidasheli viewed the infrastructure of the hospital and talked about the management and problematic issues in this regard.

As the Defence Minister stated, the concept of the hospital is scheduled to be overviewed, thus a concrete decision over its future has not been made yet. “The principle of the hospital has to be changed. Of course, we should have a military hospital and military doctors. Therefore, we have to give the possibility to the medical institutes to prepare a military medical personnel. Currently, only five doctors are being prepared under the agreement between the Military Hospital and the concrete university. There are several problems in the management direction as well. Medical service concept has to be changed fundamentally. For example, if a soldier has influenza in Adlia, he should be transported to Gori for treatment. Travelling such a long way, however, may infect the soldier with pneumonia”, stated Defence Minister.

As Tinatin Khidasheli estimated, the environment in the hospital is quite normal. The personnel handle their duties adequately and with high standards. Thus, better should always be achieved.

In Gori, Tinatin Khidasheli paid a tribute to the memorial of the military doctors fallen in the battles for Georgia's territorial integrity. The Defence Minister and TV reporters completed the tour with visiting Military Hospital.

The Defence Minister had been inspecting the military bases in West Georgia for a week. Tinatin Khidasheli visited the military bases in Batumi, Senaki, Khoni, Kutaisi and Sachkhere together with the TV reporters and regional media representatives.