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Meeting with President of “Alexander Kartvelishvili International Society”

Friday, August 7
An Aviation Week dedicated to Georgian aircraft designer Alexander Kartvelishvili will be held in Tbilisi this year. The event will start on September 9, at the jubilee of Alexander Kartvelishvili and come to an end on September 19. The organizational issues of the Aviation Week were the main topics of the discussion held at the Defence Ministry. Tinatin Khidasheli hosted the President of the “Alexander Kartveli International Society” and other representatives of the organization.

“We had an organizational working meeting with the representatives of the foundation. We agreed on many new initiatives. Next year it is the 120th anniversary of the great Georgian aircraft designer's birth. Therefore, we would like to mark his jubilee remarkably. This year we invite our partners at the event to make to familiarize them with our initiatives for 2016. Defence Ministry will provide maximal popularization of Alexander Kartveli’s name within the International Security Conference planned in autumn. We would like to coincide the air show with opening of this Conference,” stated the Defence Minister. She also outlined the fact that the Defence Ministry has already been working to establish a military museum which will be another opportunity to promote Georgians working abroad.

The President of “Alexander Kartvelishvili International Society” Lela Kartvelishvili delivered the detail information about the goals and tasks of the organization and expressed readiness to deepen cooperation with Defence Ministry.

“The Defence Minister supports us and we are grateful for her. Joint coordination commission will be set up which will work on the further issues to implement goals and prepare for the 120th jubilee of Alexander Kartvelishvili held in 2016. The U.S. side also takes an active part in the organization issues of Alexander Kartveli’s anniversary,” stated Lela Kartvelishvili.

Alexander Kartveli (Kartvelishvili) is considered as a legend of aviation in the American military and academic circles. Creation of 14 military aircrafts is associated with his name. Alexander Kartveli was also involved in the U.S. nuclear and NASA projects. He played a significant role in the air force history of the United States where his projects are still implemented.