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Azerbaijan: Georgia, Armenia pollute Mtkvari (Kura) river

Friday, August 7
The volume of biogenic substance in the river and its branches is by several times more than the established norm as a result of discharging untreated water and waste of industrial enterprises, located on the territory of Georgia and Armenia, into the Mtkvari(Kura) River, according to the monitoring on the situation with the pollution of the transboundary Mtkvari(Kura) and Araz rivers and transboundary branches, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan said on August 4.

The ministry conducted the monitoring.

The phenol content in the waters of the Mtkvari(Kura) River in Shikhli exceeded the permissible level by 4.9 times, Agstafachay - 4.4 times, and Agstafachay reservoir - 3 times.

The phenol content in the waters of the Araz River in Horadiz exceeds the permissible limit by 2.9 times, Shahseven-1 - 2.2 times and Bahramtepe - 2.5 times. (