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Government subsides vintage harvest

Thursday, August 13
Within the framework of the “Vintage 2015” programme, the government has decided to issue 0.35 GEL per kilogram for Rkatsiteli grapes and 0.15 GEL per kilogram for Saperavi as subsidies. This statement was made by Georgia’s Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia at a press-conference with head of the National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili.

Mr. Danelia has described the current situation, remarking that the export rate has decreased due to general regional instability. According to him, the economic growth rate and the budgets of ministries have been reviewed.

“We did not plan these subsidies, but following the prime minister’s order, we and our economic team have decided to do so. It was caused by the ongoing developments. From our point of view, this field needs assistance, although we do not participate in setting prices,”- Danelia said.

He has put an emphasis on supportive measures conducted by the government, including agricultural insurance, affordable agricultural loans and anti-hail systems.

According to Danelia, grapes must be of high quality. He claimed that the government knows when the demand for grapes decreases, so that it may become involved in the process and purchase grapes to compensate.

As he has declared, the subsidies are meant for winegrowers, not wine producing companies. He explained that such an approach is better, as farmers will receive their money within approximately 2 weeks only by means of presenting their ID cards.

In turn, head of the National Wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili has remarked that coordination teams will be located in Telavi and Gurjaani. They will officially start operating by the end of August. According to him, a webpage will also be created, allowing those interested to receive summarized information.

As Giorgi Samanishvili has concluded, this year’s harvest has increased and is of better quality. (IPN)