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Georgian Football Federation President resigns

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, August 13
The President of Georgian Football Federation (GFF), Zviad Sichinava left the post of president after 6 years in office.

He made the statement about his resignation after the UEFA Super Cup match, between Barcelona-Seville on August 11.

According to Sichinava, the main reason of his decision is the poor condition of Georgian football, as he was often considered as the being the reason of the failure of football in Georgia.

“As it is in big football, any person should leave at his peak and I feel that I have now reached my peak,” he stated.

Sichinava said that he would name the date of the GFF Presidential elections in a week and that he would not seek reelection, though he intends to continue his activities in the business field.

The Sports Minister, Tariel Khechikashvili said that Zviad Sichinava had made the right decision but he restrained himself from assessing Sichinava’s activities.

“Sichinava was always marked by his originality and now this is a very original step, it's in his style,” he said.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Sports and Youth Committee of the Parliament, Shota Khabareli, responded to the resignation of GFF president. He thinks that the work performed by Sichinava was unsatisfactory.

"The candidates are already known. The fact is that the results of Sichinava’s work are quite unsatisfactory," Khabareli said.

Rezi Arveladze, General Secretary of GFF, believes that the remarks towards Sichinava were unfair and this is the main reason of his resignation.

“Sichinava was doing his best during these 6 years and of course he is offended by the negative attitudes towards him and the GFF,” he stated.

Zviad Sichinava will keep his post until the new elections are held.