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Abkhazia to strict border laws

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 18
Abkhazian local regime's supporters, demand the punishment of Abkhazian citizens, who crossed the border and attended the UEFA Super Cup game Barcelona VS Seville on August 11 on Dinamo Arena, in Tbilisi.

Abkhazian Police officers are already conducting an investigation regarding the departure of the football fans from Abkhazia to Tbilisi.

The ones who crossed the border and attended the Barcelona-Seville match are accused in border law violations, who, according to Abkhazian side, assaulted their country.

"Attending the Super Cup match in Tbilisi is the greatest cynicism and disrespect of the people who sacrificed their life defending Abkhazia in the war against Georgia. With crossing the border, these people not only violated the laws, but also assaulted the memory of Abkhazian war victims," reads the statement released by the association of Abkhazian war veterans.

Political Analyst Zaal Kasrelishvili estimated the arrival of Abkhazians at the match as progress.

“In order to attend this match, people came to Tbilisi not only from Abkhazia, but from Northern Caucasian countries as well. Some Abkhazian officials need to realize that sport is far away from politics,” said Kasrelishvili.

Conflict Analyst Mamuka Areshidze said that Abkhazian and Russian Officials are trying to cut all the ties with Georgian people and restrict all kind of relationships.

“When time passes, new generations will forget about the war and renew relationships. The more Abkhazian and Russian Officials will try to restrict youth from doing such actions, the more desirable the forbidden fruit will be,” stated Areshidze.