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Defence Minister met with Madeleine Albright and Dr. John Hamre

Friday, August 21
Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli met with Dr. John Hamre President and CEO of CSIS and Madeleine Albright former Secretary of State, who, at the moment, is the NDI board member at the U.S. Department of Defence. According to Tinatin Khidasheli, the meeting with Madeline Albright was both fruitful and timely.

“There were a lot of questions asked during the meeting that lasted longer than scheduled. We have received promises and support from Madeleine Albright, that she would be the advocate of Georgia from every international tribune, at all the international and local forums. The goodwill demonstrated by such a person is significant for our country, as this leads to the consolidation of public opinion,” said Minister.

After the meeting with Madeleine Albright, Minister of Defence Khidasheli met with the President of Centre for Strategic and International Studies, One of the influential non-governmental organizations of the United States Dr. John Hamre. As the Minister remarked, these meetings reconfirmed the rightness of the political course the Georgian authority is pursuing on its way to NATO integration and in its relations with NATO.

“Our primary objective is to acquire support and goodwill from the stakeholders who are functioning in the United States outside the state institutions” though play an important role in decision making process,” outlined the Minister.